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Meet Oscar, Rushes Runner on Alex Rider S3

Meet Oscar, Rushes Runner on Alex Rider S3

Meet 22 year old Oscar Blakeborough from Bristol, a UWE Bristol Filmmaking graduate who got his first proper break into scripted TV drama as a Rushes Runner on Season 3 of Alex Rider.

Produced by Eleventh Hour Films, the spy thriller filmed from November 2022 to March 2023 at The Bottle Yard’s new TBY2 facility and on location in Bristol, assisted by our Film Office team. Alex Rider is available to watch from 5th April 2024 on Amazon FreeVee.

Hi Oscar! Can you describe a typical day at work?
Every day as a Rushes Runner I would head to set an hour and a half before wrap. I would then wait for the rushes to be ready and drive them back from wherever we were filming that day to Films@59, the postproduction house. I also did other general runner activities. This could be tidying the office, making teas and coffees, picking up supplies from the supermarket or sending packages. One day I had to go to London to get a costume which was needed urgently for the next day.

How did you find the role on Alex Rider 3?
I was applying for many jobs online with friends. One friend from Uni saw the job on one of the Facebook groups we were a part of and notified me. I applied, got an interview and then got the job.

How long have you been working in film/TV – and can you describe any significant career moments to date?
I did Film Studies at A-level, then went on to do Filmmaking at UWE Bristol and graduated in 2022. My first job in the industry was Floor Running on Tipping Point Lucky Stars for ITV at The Bottle Yard. Then I got the role on Alex Rider, which gave me my first proper break into scripted TV drama. I really felt like I was a part of the production process, and I found that very fulfilling.

After that I talked to the Camera Department and got some experience shadowing camera trainees on another production, Industry (BBC). But I also had long periods of no work where I’ve done odd jobs such as working for Dominos. The strikes made things especially dead. But now I’ve gotten a couple weeks on another production and I’m hoping with the new connections I’m making, I can find something else!

What are you working on now, or what do you hope to go on to next?
I’m currently helping out with the last couple weeks as Rushes Runner on Wolf Hall: The Mirror and The Light. I hope to either get another runner job or move into being a Camera Trainee.

What advice would you give others starting out the industry?
Firstly, keep applying! Join job groups, go to networking events, go to the front door, get onto a production at The Bottle Yard if you can! Once you’re in and people see you can do a good job you will be asked back for work. In this industry, who you know is EVERYTHING. I cannot stress that enough!