Bristol Film Office is a Bristol City Council service dedicated to all productions planning to film in the city. We can assist at all stages of production, from initial location and crewing advice to recces and logistical support.
Bristol Film Office


Bristol Film Office has been supporting productions working in the city since 2003. We are proud to have the endorsement of producers, writers, location managers and leading actors that have chosen to work in Bristol.

“Showtrial was shot in its entirety in and around Bristol. We benefitted from the huge variety of available locations in and in close proximity to this very photogenic city. Bristol is extremely film friendly; terrific crews, a great production base at The Bottle Yard Studios, a thriving technical and creative community and easy access to a wide range of locations. It is no wonder that so many productions are finding their way to Bristol. I for one want to return as soon as possible.” Producer Christopher Hall, Showtrial 

“We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us over series one and two of The Outlaws. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help.” Locations team, The Outlaws  

“The Bottle Yard Studios and Bristol Film Office could not have been more flexible and more supportive to our ever-changing circumstances. I would return to shoot in Bristol in a heartbeat.” Producer Nickie Sault, The Outlaws

“Bristol is my home city, so I’m biased, but I think it’s the most fascinating city in the country. There’s always something to do and experience; from the incredible outdoor spaces to the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft; from the brilliant Bristol Old Vic to the amazing carnival. I’m so proud it’s got this new City of Film status, it’s a place where stories should be told.” BAFTA-winning Screenwriter Jack ThorneKiri

“We filmed all of the exteriors [in Bristol]. It’s Miriam’s patch. It’s fantastic, vibrant, really colourful, really edgy, completely non-conformist, which is very much who she is. They sort of complement one another… it was a really good place to film.” Actress Sarah LancashireKiri:

“We travel all around England for Unforgotten and find most places incredibly accommodating and helpful. Bristol was no exception. Everyone we liaised with went out of their way to help our crew and guide us to make our experience seamlessly pleasant. The cast and crew had a fantastic time filming in Bristol and we wouldn’t hesitate to go back there.” Line Producer Ani KevorkUnforgotten

“I love Bristol. We shot Dirk Gently in Bristol, and it is a nice mixture of the gritty and the seedy. It’s got a life. Bristol’s past has given it a liveliness which I really enjoy.” Actor Stephen ManganDirk Gently and Bliss

“Bristol has a fantastic, dockside museum, which has been beautifully preserved. It has enabled us to transform the exterior to represent Weymouth Docks in 1946. We’re grateful for the support of the Bristol Film Office in helping us bring our scenes here to life.” Producer Paula Mazur, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

“It was a pleasure filming Kiri in around the city of Bristol, with a massive helping hand from the Film Office who were incredibly accommodating in helping us achieve our goals at some tricky locations. When facing particular issues regarding the flying of drones in certain locations, thankfully they came up with solutions to keep all parties happy. I look forward to returning to Bristol on future projects, a city that is genuinely film friendly with excellent location support.” Location Manager Jason KeatleyKiri 

“There is no doubt that Bristol and the surrounding countryside offer a huge diversity of fantastic locations and accompanied by the efficient ‘one stop’ city film office Bristol can truly claim to be ‘film-friendly.” Location Manager Andy EliotSherlock

“When we compared costs of filming elsewhere, we estimated that filming in Bristol saved us £130,000. There are savings across the board, in almost every department.” Producer Jay TaylorThe Fold

“We knew from the early location scouts that the natural scenic beauty of the area was a good fit for the production, but seeing the facilities at The Bottle Yard and discovering there was such a strong infrastructure already in place made the decision to shoot in Bristol an easy one.” STARZ SVP Original Programming Karen Bailey, The White Princess 

“From Bristol’s city streets and beautiful surrounding countryside, to the vivid colours of the Portishead Lido and the iconic Clevedon Pier, we were able to access an amazing range of locations that would have proved nearly impossible inside the M25. We were not surprised, but nonetheless delighted to find a huge amount of local talent and wonderful crew to work with us.” Writer/Producer Oliver VeyseyAccess All Areas 

“There is a thriving network of really high-quality crew in Bristol which is helping us in the making of Eric Ernie and Me. Nearly all our crew and equipment are based in Bristol and we are delighted also to be able to use locations in the communities of Filwood, Brislington and St Anne’s. All the local residents have been exceptionally welcoming.” Producer Alison SterlingEric, Ernie & Me

 “The Balmoral was a gem of a find. Its conserved beauty was the perfect setting for a crucial moment in the film and we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful support of Bristol.” Producer Faye WardStan & Ollie

“Virtually any location that you can think of can be found within an hour of The Bottle Yard Studios and Bristol Film Office has great local knowledge and do everything they can to assist with finding locations and supporting filming.  All of this combined with Bristol’s and the West’s ample supply of good and highly experienced crew, contributed to the choice of using The Bottle Yard Studios an easy one.” Producer Gareth WilliamsCrazyhead

“The range of facilities including production offices, studios and workshops give the perfect base with great access to the region’s amazing and varied locations. With support from Bristol Film Office and local councils, our home in Bristol is one of the cornerstones to Poldark’s success.” Producer Howard EllaPoldark

“Bristol has such a diverse range of locations within a small area which make it very attractive to film makers.   In order to capitalise on them we worked closely with The Bristol Film Office. We couldn’t have made it without the help and invaluable knowledge of Natalie and her team. They are so well connected and willing to help that they should be the first port of call for any production looking to film in and around the area.” Writer/Director John Miller, Golden Years

“Bristol Film Office were fantastically helpful in helping us identify places to film and in many other ways too; identifying our needs and connecting the production team to reliable local suppliers. With so many locations required for the production, their support was invaluable!” Producer Ruth Kenley-LettsThe Casual Vacancy