Bristol Film Office is a Bristol City Council service dedicated to all productions planning to film in the city. We can assist at all stages of production, from initial location and crewing advice to recces and logistical support.
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Traffic Management and Road Closures

Road closures

For closures of up to two days a notice period of two weeks is required. You will need to apply for a TTRN which is £620 +VAT payable in advance. Click here to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice.

  • Signage will need to be provided by the applicant.
  • A traffic management company will be needed to provide a traffic management for alternative routes etc.
  • For closures of three days or more, this is usually subject to a notice period of eight weeks.

For further advice on specific closure requests please email and CC in

Traffic management companies

You may wish to contact the following traffic management companies.

  1. Complete Traffic Control – 0117 9553000
  2. ETM – 07901 717343

Types of traffic management


  • Notice period is seven days.
  • Please email
  • The maximum time you can hold traffic is five minutes and this must be managed by an accredited Traffic Management company.
  • There is no cost for this application.

Temporary traffic lights

Pavement/footpath closures

  • Notice period is seven days.
  • Alternative routes must be planned.