Bristol Film Office is a Bristol City Council service dedicated to all productions planning to film in the city. We can assist at all stages of production, from initial location and crewing advice to recces and logistical support.
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Parking and Unit Bases

Parking bay suspensions

Bristol City Council can arrange for the suspension of certain on-street parking bays and car park bays around the city.

Arrangements are made directly with Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team, who will process your application and fulfil the request.

Request a Parking Suspension


Standard suspension – for productions looking to reserve specific bays for one day only.

Pay & Display Bays£22 + VAT per vehicle, per day
Limited Waiting Bay and Residents Parking Zone£30 + VAT per bay or part of

‘No waiting’ cones supplied by Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team will be placed in specific bays at the beginning of each day of the suspension and collected at the end of each day.

Multiple days suspension – a more cost-effective option for productions that require particular parking bays for more than one day.

£15 +VAT per bay, per day +one-off £30 +VAT coning fee

‘No waiting’ cones supplied by Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team will be placed in specific bays on the first day of the suspension and collected after the film crew have finished. The film company will need to put provision in place to protect the cones throughout the period of the suspension, in order to ensure that bays are not taken by members of the public.

Multiple locations suspension

£15 + VAT per vehicle, per day

No cones required, as the vehicle would be able to park in any available space in multiple locations throughout the city. A permit will be issued via email to be printed off and displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle. Please note, spaces are not guaranteed and no refunds will apply if parking spaces are not available.

Unrestricted highways

£30 +VAT per street, per day

Productions can arrange to suspend sections of unrestricted highway. Please note that these suspensions are non-enforceable and Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team is unable to remove any vehicles parked in the section of road required before cones are placed, or throughout the duration of the suspension period. Productions requiring guaranteed allocation of parking bays on unrestricted areas of the highway may prefer to apply for a road closure as an alternative. For more information on road closures, click here.

Yellow lines

Where it is necessary for an essential vehicle – for example a generator or lighting van – to park on a single or double yellow line, the production company must notify Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team at least 3 working days prior to the date required.  We will notify the Civil Enforcement Officers of the situation.

If coning is required a £30 + VAT charge per street will apply. Parking Services will always require a suspension request even if no cones are needed, as permission to park on yellow lines is always required.

Parking Services reserve the right to ask film companies to move their vehicles if they are causing problems to traffic flow or causing a major obstruction.

Ring-go cashless parking

RingGo, a service that enables you to pay for parking by credit or debit card over the phone or via a mobile app, is available across Bristol.

Film crews scouting in the city may find using RingGo more convenient method than paying with cash at the meter, as it removes the need to carry large amounts of small change. Once you have used RingGo once, subsequent payments can be made quickly and easily. You can also create a business account to avoid having to reclaim parking expenses.


The production company must provide Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team with a purchase order number for the full cost of the parking suspensions being requested. Parking Services is unable to approve any suspension requests without a relevant purchase order number.

The production company will receive an invoice from Bristol City Council’s Parking Services team for the appropriate charges after the shoot has taken place. VAT is applicable for all film related activity.

The Parking Services team will raise invoices at the end of each month. We therefore recommended that productions making multiple parking requests in a one month period provide one purchase order that will cover all parking costs for that month.

Parking Services reserve the right to charge for any lost cones.

Unit bases

There are a number of unit bases in the city. Some are Council-managed and booked through Bristol Film Office via the Film Permit Application button. Others are privately owned please contact us for more information.

The two sites bookable through Bristol Film Office are Lloyds Amphitheatre and Church Lodge Car Park. To apply for permission to hire either of these sites as a unit base please visit our Filming Permission page. 

Costs for unit base hire: from £560 +VAT per 24 hours (dependent on size of unit base and/or exclusivity of use)