Traffic Management and Road Closures in Bristol

Road Closures

For closures of up to two days a notice period of two weeks is required. You will need to apply for a TTRN which is £567 payable in advance. Click here to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice.

  • Signage will need to be provided by the applicant.
  • A traffic management company will be needed to provide a traffic management for alternative routes etc.
  • For closures of three days or more, this is usually subject to a notice period of eight weeks.

For further advice on specific closure requests please email and CC in


Suggested traffic management companies

  1. Complete Traffic Control – 0117 9553000
  2. ETM – 07901 717343


  • Notice period is seven days
  • Please email
  • The maximum time you can hold traffic is five minutes and this must be managed by an accredited Traffic Management company.
  • There is no cost for this application.

Temporary Traffic Lights

Pavement/Footpath Closures

  • Notice period is seven days
  • Alternative routes must be planned.